'game of thrones' season 8 episode 4 recap: there are no happy endings here

With the Night King out of contention, Cersei Lannister is the next great enemy Jon Snow và Daenerys will face. Here’s how she got to the Iron Throne.

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On “Game of Thrones,” Sansa Stark has gone from naive girl to clear-eyed leader. See what she overcame khổng lồ get there.

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“trò chơi of Thrones” character Jon Snow has battled the Army of the Dead. Now he must face not only Cersei Lannister, but his own past.

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“trò chơi of Thrones” character Tyrion left his Lannister roots behind & joined forces with Daenerys Targaryen. Now it’s time for his greachạy thử challenge yet, defeating his sister Cersei.

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The 4th episode of “Game of Thrones” Season 8 contained an unexpected surprise. No, we’re not talking about anyone dying.

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We first met Daenerys Targaryen when she was a teenage bride. Now, she’s proven herself both a liberator and conquerer. This is how she did it.

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Watch Arya Stark grow up from a tomboys cá tính to lớn full-blown assassin on “Game of Thrones.”

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He’s ice zombie royalty with a plan. On the eve sầu of battle, look back through all the seasons of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” for what clues we have about the Night King’s intentions in Westeros.

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Jaime Lannister went from villain to anh hùng to lớn somewhere in-between on “Game of Thrones.” Here’s a look back at his character’s evolution.

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Late-night host Seth Meyers and comedian Leslie Jones watch “trò chơi of Thrones” together in a hilarious skit.

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From Jon Snow learning his parentage to lớn Bran seeing someone from his past, the season eight premiere of “trò chơi of Thrones” had some awkward moments.

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Jason Momoa posted a video of himself shaving his facial hair off to lớn promote aluminum recycling.

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With HBO’s mega hit “Game of Thrones” coming khổng lồ an over soon, gamedanhnhau.info’s Frank Pallotta explains how much time và money every truyền thông media company is putting inlớn finding its replacement.

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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched Season 8, Episode 4 of “Game of Thrones,” turn your vulnerable armada around and head for safety, because this whole post is a giant spoiler.

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Hello & welcome baông xã to suffering. If you thought we were safe for a little bit after the Battle of Winterfell, then the second half of this episode probably hit you lượt thích a giant bolt in the soft underbelly of your soul. As the grotesque specter of Season 3 Ramsay Bolton constantly reminds us, “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Yes, there will be plenty of time khổng lồ mourn later, but first, it’s time for feasting (& another word that starts with “f” that we can’t print here)!

The Night King is vanquished, và the sun has risen on another day in Winterfell. After the dead are burned & Daenerys gives one last platonic, goodbye buddy kiss to lớn poor old Jorah, the heroes of Winterfell party down. Drinking games are played, significant political side-eyes between Daenerys and Sansa are exchanged, và Tormund vomits. All in all, a good time.

However, under her smile, Dany is in serious “conceal, don’t feel” mode. She sees how people admire Jon and his whole coming baông xã from the dead act, and it’s obvious she’s having doubts about how he really plays into lớn her Iron Throne endgame. In the spirit of conviviality, she singles out Gendry, legitimizes him as a Baratheon and makes hyên the Lord of Storm’s End. It’s generous, but Tyrion calls the move for what it is: A political maneuver lớn plant some loyalty in the great houses of Westeros.

Absolutely none of this matters lớn Gendry, who in the span of a few days has managed lớn seal the khuyến mãi with his childhood crush, survive sầu an epic wight battle & get promoted from poor blacksmith to full-on lord. Unfortunately, his winning streak comes khổng lồ a screeching halt when he proposes to Arya and she very obviously rejects him. Did he really think his stabby secretive little lady would want to play house in the Stormlands? You know nothing, Gendry Baratheon.

Elsewhere, another coupling goes a bit more smoothly. After a night of painfully obvious flirting, Brienne và Jaime finally hook up. For all of his bravabởi vì, Jaime is a truly terrible seducer & most of their foreplay involves being exasperated while trying to take off their clothes, but it’s still xinh tươi. Somewhere, Tormund is crying inkhổng lồ his drinking horn.

As the air of celebration begins to lớn dissipate, it’s time lớn talk next steps. Jon & Daenerys meet up và nội dung a meaningful embrace that packs all the thắm thiết chemistry of two pieces of day-old romaine lettuce being mushed together. Dany tells Jon she loves hlặng, but it appears they’re having second thoughts about the resiliency of their relationship. Is it because they’re related và that’s weird? Of course not. Dany wants him lớn keep his lineage a secret from everyone forever to lớn avoid casting doubt on her rule, and Jon is soft và has no interest in ruling the Seven Kingdoms, so he agrees.

Surprise! That promise lasts about 2.5 seconds, because Jon breaks down during a Stark family meeting with Sansa, Arya và Bran and tells his sisters the whole ugly truth. Despite making them pinky swear lớn not tell anyone else, Sansa tells Tyrion who tells Varys, and at that point, as Varys so wisely says, it’s no longer a secret. It’s information.

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Meanwhile, there’s a whole other war waiting khổng lồ be fought against Cersei, who has been biding her time by building up a human moat inside the Red Keep & lying khổng lồ her briny lover about being pregnant with his child. You know, normal Cersei things. In preparation for battle, Daenerys and company take their ships to Dragonstone, while Jon và his northern allies mount up & ride south to meet them in King’s Landing.

Suddenly, in the flap of a dragon’s wing, it all goes khổng lồ hell. Euron’s fleet attacks Daenerys và company en route lớn Dragonstone, and with three well-placed bolts from those fancy scorpion contraptions, Rhaegal goes down in a horrifying cascade of blood. Don’t ask how the Greyjoy bannermen got so many of those intricate, heavy machines, or why they were so consistently accurate, or how they were all reloaded so quickly. We live sầu in a post-Night King world. Anything is possible.

The Targaryen fleet is overcome and Missandei is captured. In a bid lớn reason with Cersei and save sầu Missandei’s life, Daenerys, Tyrion, Varys và Grey Worm meet with Cersei, Euron, và all of their assorted monsters outside the gates of Kings Landing. Tyrion tries to use his pretty words lớn convince his sister not khổng lồ start a war that will inevitably cost thousands of innocent lives and pull almost everyone into a pit of death & despair, but his sparkling rhetoric isn’t what it used lớn be.

Cersei is unmoved, và has the Mountain straight up BEHEAD MISSANDEI. The gall! The cruelty! No sumptuous red Lannister murderin’ outfit is fabulous enough lớn excuse such a crime. Daenerys’ anguished face says it all as she walks away from the horror: Dracarys. Burn it all down.

Burning questions

Is this the last we’re going to see of Tormund and the Free Folk? Of Sam and Gilly? Of Ghost? Granted, if it is, that’s probably for the best. Getting peacefully shuffled out of the narrative sầu is way better than dying.

What’s Sansa’s next move? We get it, she doesn’t trust Daenerys, and the looks she shared with Tyrion were deeply conspiratorial. But how is she going khổng lồ influence politics at large when most of the players are headed south và she’s in Winterfell?

Why don’t Dany and Jon just get married & stop with this silly political drama? Props khổng lồ Varys for being the first person lớn explicitly address the fact that Dany is Jon’s aunt, but still, given the gravity of the situation and the Targaryen’s propensity for inbreeding, it kind of feels like the practical solution.

Best line

“What kind of person climbs on a f****** dragon? A madman. Or a king!” Tormund Giantsbane, future Presidential chiến dịch manager.

Best scene

Fans have been waiting for a reunion between the Hound và his little bird, & their conversation in the great hall did not disappoint. True lớn form, The Hound was both shockingly crass và gentle, noting Sansa was “broken in” by Ramsay & then musing, almost softly, that it wouldn’t have sầu happened if she had left King’s Landing with hyên when she had the chance. For her part, Sansa gave sầu as good as she got, & even coaxed a laugh from her old friend when she revealed the weapon she chose to put an kết thúc to lớn Ramsay’s cruelty: Hounds! Ha! Only Sandor Clegane would find that hilarious.

Ship watch

Arya & Gendry

After a short but satisfying voyage, the SS Gendrya has returned to port và been respectfully decommissioned. Understandably, Gendry wants to wife up Miss Kingslayer II & settle down at Storm’s End as soon as possible. And understandably, Arya isn’t about that life right now.

Jaime & Brienne

In a critical moment of character development, Jaime Lannister sleeps with a woman who isn’t related to lớn him. Alas, it appears he’d rather return to lớn his sister’s manipulative chaos than roll around in the bed furs with a wholesome lady knight. Toot toot! The Jaime Redemption Train is in grave sầu danger of being derailed.

Cersei và Euron

Ugh, these PEOPLE. It’s infuriating that Euron has such a heavy h& in Cersei’s machinations, considering he only properly entered the game last season. But this whole pregnancy thing throws a wrench in their cursed union. Is Cersei lying about the parentage (the baby is actually Jaime’s) out of convenience, or does she have betrayal on the mind?

The other kind of ship watch

So Dany and her dragons were flying high above sầu the sea and none of them spotted Euron và his flamboyant array of kraken figureheads? What, does he command a fleet of stealth drones? Why does this drunk Panic at the Disco-looking pirate keep winning?

Death count

1 Rhaegal +

~ 100 unfortunate Targaryen sailors +

1 Missandei +


102 deaths & an infinite number of tears

Stray observations

Both Stark sisters made Sandor Clegane, the most miserable man lớn ever sulk about the Seven Kingdoms, smile and laugh. A true blessing.

Hmilimet. In this episode, Gendry is referred lớn as Gendry Rivers, and that surname indicates he’s a bastard from the Riverlands. However, by canon he’s actually Gendry Waters, since he was born in Flea Bottom, in the Crownlands.

Tyrion và Jaime: Ser Bronn, arriving at this very moment after traveling literally hundreds of miles to kill them: HIYOOO what’s up gentlemen what did I miss?

Sam & Gilly are having another baby? In THIS economy?!

Stray observations, but serious

Okay, let’s get real for a minute. Yes, this is “trò chơi of Thrones.” Yes, anyone could die at any time, even good people who shouldn’t. But Missandei deserved better than this!

Freed from a brutal system of chattel slavery, Missandei was given the opportunity to use her skills & intelligence to make a difference in the world, to forge her own identity và fall in love sầu. Of course she was brave to lớn her very last word, but it’s a shame she died with so little agency — và in chains, nonetheless! Her death wasn’t a redemptive sầu personal choice, like Theon’s; a sacrifice or a prophecy, lượt thích Melisandre’s or Beric’s; or even, in general, a hàng hóa of her own decisions (here’s looking at you, Robb). Plus, it needs lớn be said: She was one of the only people of color in this whole story, và if you think that doesn’t matter in Westeros, just remember the way those rude little Winterfell urchins treated her.

It’s not the fact that she died. Valar Morghulis, she’d tell you herself. It’s the idea that she died mainly khổng lồ serve sầu as traumatic motivation for someone else (who, albeit, truly loved & respected her) that’s a huge, huge bummer. Rest easy, sweet butterfly queen.

One bold prediction

Dany is not going khổng lồ take this well

Daenerys spent six seasons amassing armies, dragons và beloved advisors so she could come lớn Westeros aaand…they’re all gone. She’s lost Viserion and Rhaegal, the whole Dothraki horde & half the Unsullied, plus Jorah and Missandei, và what does she have khổng lồ show for it? A mopey incest-y boyfriover, gossipy seneschals and a diluted clayên ổn to the Iron Throne? She is probably this close to losing it. Can you blame her?