Game Of Thrones S7 Ep 2 Images Released

With Game Of Thrones Season 7 out now on DVD and Blu-ray, here's a run-through of all the major action & story.

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Littlefinger’s scheming earned hlặng no rewards in season seven. He plotted lớn turn Sansa & Arya against one another, encouraging Sansa to see her little sister as a threat, và leading Arya lớn believe sầu Sansa was a Lannister sympathiser who wanted lớn usurp Jon’s crown. With Bran’s help though, the sisters saw through Baelish’s plot & turned the tables by executing hyên for the murder of their aunt. Littlefinger’s throat was cut by Arya using the very dagger with which Bran was almost killed. Despite Littlefinger’s machinations, the Stark siblings ended the season united, recognising that “the lone wolf dies but the paông xã survives.”

Arya’s kill-danh sách, which currently features: Cersei Lannister, Gregor Clegane, Ilyn Payne, Melisandre, & Beric Dondarrion, was what brought her baông chồng khổng lồ Westeros. In the season seven premiere, she used her Faceless Men magic lớn disguise herself as the deceased Walder Frey & fatally poison his entire family in revenge for their collusion with the Lannisters at the Red Wedding. She left only Frey’s young bride to lớn tell the tale, telling her to spread the message “the North remembers.”

Next on Arya’s to-murder danh mục was Queen Cersei, but on hearing (from Hot Pie! Hot Pie lives!) that Jon had reclaimed Winterfell from the Boltons, she diverted her journey lớn King’s Landing & instead headed North. On her way home, Arya encountered her direwolf Nymeria, who’d been living wild since being sent away khổng lồ protect her from Cersei’s wrath in season one. They had a moment, và went their separate ways. Once at Winterfell, Brienne of Tarth agreed to train with Arya, clearly impressed by her proficiency with a sword.


Oh, & Ed Sheeran was in it. He lịch sự a tuy nhiên.

Someone whose name Arya struchồng off her các mục without killing, Sandor Clegane aka The Hound, continued his search for redemption with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Returning to the cottage of a farmer and his daughter the Hound had robbed in season four only khổng lồ find them dead, he buried the corpses in atonement for his earlier crime. At the cottage, Sandor had a vision in the flames of the Night King’s army, which pushed the group to lớn continue their journey North.

Bran, whose warging and greenseeing powers had enabled him to lớn use ravens khổng lồ spy on the Night King’s army throughout the season, also learned some game-changing info about Jon Snow. Bran already knew that Jon wasn’t Ned Stark’s bastard, thinking him the love child of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen và Ned’s sister Lyanmãng cầu. Not quite. Thanks khổng lồ Gilly reading through some old manuscripts at the Citadel, Samwell Tarly learned that Rhaegar had his marriage lớn Elia Martell annulled, then remarried in secret. Jon’s true name is Aegon Targaryen and he’s therefore no bastard but a legitimate heir khổng lồ the Iron Throne. Game-changer.

Samwell spent the first half of the season training to be a maester at the Citadel in Old Town under the tutelage of Archmaester Ebrose (Jim Broadbent). A frustrating time, Sam was mostly given grunt work and forbidden access lớn the texts he’d come there to study in order khổng lồ learn how to lớn defeat the White Walkers. He did however, learn that a vast seam of Dragonglass, a material able khổng lồ kill White Walkers và Wights, was located underneath Dragonstone. He wrote lớn Jon about his discovery, which helped khổng lồ convince Jon khổng lồ accept an invitation to Daenerys’ Westerođắm say base camp.

Sam rebelled against the archmaester’s rules by carrying out an experimental medical procedure on Ser Jorah Mormont, who’d come to lớn the Citadel in search of a cure for his greyscale. In an especially gross sequence, Sam cured Ser Jorah, who then travelled to lớn Dragonstone to lớn serve Dany.


After the Citadel’s maesters refused khổng lồ act on Bran Stark’s warning to lớn the Seven Kingdoms about the impending threat from the Night King, either believing it a fantasy or trusting in the impregnability of the Wall, Sam stole some restricted books, took Gilly and Little Sam, và headed North. There he met with Bran, where he learned of Jon’s true parentage and shared his knowledge of Jon’s father’s secret marriage.

Daenerys, meanwhile, had phối up shop at her birthplace of Dragonstone (home to the Targaryens before Stannis Baratheon lived there) with a b& of allies against Cersei, which included Tyrion, Varys, Yara và Theon Greyjoy, Olenmãng cầu Tyrell and Dornish leader Ellaria Svà. Instead of flying her dragons straight khổng lồ King’s Landing and setting the place on fire lượt thích she wanted, Tyrion advised Dany lớn avoid slaughtering civilians and instead target Lannister family seat Casterly Roông xã. While the Greyjoy fleet would sail khổng lồ Dorne khổng lồ mobilise Ellaria’s Dornish troops, the Unsullied would take the Lannister castle.

At least, that was the plan. What actually transpired was that Euron Greyjoy attacked his niece and nephew’s fleet en-route, killing two Sandsnakes và capturing Tyene & Ellaria Sand & Yara Greyjoy. Theon bottled the chance to fight lớn save Yara and literally jumped ship before being rescued by the last surviving Greyjoy ship.

Theon & his Ironborn men returned to Dragonstone, where Jon Snow first threatened, then forgave Theon for betraying the Starks at Winterfell. Theon later began to lớn redeem himself when he engaged in a brutal fight with one of Yara’s men who had refused lớn mount a rescue attempt for her. Mid-fight, Theon learned that a weakness can also be a strength when his opponent couldn’t injure him by kicking him in the nuts as, well, Ramsay had removed that particular vulnerability.

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Speaking of eunuchs và vulnerability, Grey Worm and Missandei shared a romantic scene in which he declared that he now had an unprecedented weakness—her. They shared a night of passion before he went off lớn battle.


Missandei, it’s worth mentioning, had earlier raised an important nerdy translator point about Melisandre’s much-discussed prophecy about Azor Anhì ‘the prince that was promised’ who was destined to bring an end to the impending darkness. In the original High Valyrian, ‘prince’ is genderless và could refer khổng lồ either a man or a woman, i.e. Dany is now very much a front runner for the position.

When the Unsullied arrived at Casterly Roông chồng & found it all but undefended, it was clear they’d also been had. Anticipating his younger brother’s military tactics, Jaime Lannister had sacrificed the family seat in order to lớn lure the Unsullied fleet to a vulnerable position where Euron Greyjoy could destroy it. The Unsullied were thus stranded and preoccupied while the Lannister and Tarly armies sacked the Tyrell castle of Highgarden. Jaime’s plan seemed to go off without a hitch, and he killed Lady Olenna by making her drink poisoned wine. Before she died, Olenna confessed that it was her và not Tyrion who poisoned Jaime and Cersei’s son Joffrey at his wedding. Before she died, she wanted Cersei lớn know that.

Victorious from their defeat of Highgarden, with wagons of Tyrell gold safely transported to lớn King’s Landing ready to lớn pay off the substantial Lannister debt to lớn the Iron Bank of Braavos, the Lannister & Tarly armies then suffered a surprise counter-attack by Dany, Drogon, and the Dothraki. Jaime’s army was routed & he nearly died trying to lớn kill Dany, but Bronn stopped hyên at the last moment and saved his life.

Meanwhile, invited there by old pal Tyrion, Jon Snow & Davos travelled to lớn Dragonstone lớn entreat Dany to help fight the Night King. She was sceptical about his claims of an undead army marching South and demanded instead that he pledge his allegiance to lớn her. Like Mance Rayder before hyên, Jon Snow refused to lớn bend the knee, saying his Northern people would never accept her as their Queen because of the Targaryen family history. Dany more or less took Jon and Davos prisoner at Dragonstone, but humoured them by allowing them to lớn mine the Dragonglass they wanted to lớn fight the Night King.


Jon Snow having banished her in season six, his arrival at Dragonstone meant Melisandre left for Volantis lớn stay out of his way, but not before she and Varys had a frosty conversation in which she told hyên ổn that both of them, Essosay đắm by birth, were fated to die in Westeros.

Once hostilities had thawed và Jon và Davos were allowed khổng lồ leave sầu Dragonstone, Davos took advantage of being down South lớn go to King’s Landing & retrieve sầu royal Baratheon heir Gendry, who’d been working as a smith in Flea Bottom ever since Davos rescued hyên from Melisandre’s clutches và sent hyên ổn on his way in a little row boat. Gendry now carries a war-hammer, just like his father King Robert, & he knows how lớn use it.

During his time on Dragonstone, Jon became a more and more trusted advisor to lớn Dany, & her dragons even allowed him lớn stroke them (perhaps recognising his true Targaryen nature). Dany listened to hyên when he told her not to lớn burn Euron Greyjoy’s ships in retaliation for his attack so that the people wouldn’t see her as just another tyrant.

Earlier in the season, Tyrion và Varys had discussed concerns that Dany’s habit of burning people alive sầu with her dragons might turn her inkhổng lồ her despised father, the Mad King. Dany, in turn, expressed concern over Tyrion and Varys’ loyalty to lớn her. Things all got a bit testy.

It was Tyrion who noted that Jon was the latest heroic man to lớn fall in love with Dany, an observation she scoffed at until she realised it was true & she & Jon got hot và heavy in the chambers of her ship. Tyrion saw Jon enter Dany’s private quarters (stop tittering at the back) và foresaw trouble from their relationship. It was Jon who questioned Dany’s belief that she was unable lớn bear children following the witch’s curse in season one. Witches aren’t the most reliable of sources, he sensibly told her.


Dany và Jon’s steamy session came after she’d had flown her dragons khổng lồ his rescue beyond the Wall. To convince sceptical Southerners of the Night King’s existence, Tyrion came up with the plan of bringing one of the White Walkers’ soldiers to show-and-tell, so Jon, Ser Jorah, Gendry, and the Brotherhood Without Banners (incl. the Hound, Ser Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr) volunteered for the job. Things got sticky, however, when they were attacked by a Wight-polar bear then surrounded by an army of Wights and stranded on a roông xã in a patch of ice for days.