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You always wonder what your cat is thinking? Then vị not miss the opportunity khổng lồ communicate with a representative of the breed, when you play miễn phí online games Talking Tom Cat. True, he will broadcast your words và if turn on a computer microphone. Instead, he just repeat whatever you speak, but his feline manner. It has the familiar dog, which gives hyên ổn discomfort and even provoke a fight – a dog, she has a dog. Tom jumps up in fright from cốt tông paper bag behind hyên or unconscious after hitting his head on a pillow.

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No cát and not the kind of life!

Game about talking mèo Tom is based on the conversion of voice gamer: you say something into the microphone, và the cát says this phrase amusing altered voice, as if he inhaled helium, & even tries to lớn match words with his facial expressions. When you start it, the mèo listens, & even puts his paw to his ear so as not to lớn miss a single word. As soon as you become silent, he immediately repeats your reply. With this hero has already released several games: they are the cát gets in different situations, and you decide what sentence he will be there to utter. For example, Tom went to a dễ thương kitty. She went out onto lớn the balcony, and he stands at the bottom and brings with her eyes. It depends on you that will go out of his mouth – Will this speech really passionate love with or mèo will tell beauty hilarious anecdote. The game Talking Tom Cat game allows using different tools. There are several icons from depression for which there are various events. If you kliknesh ibé gift, Tom will present some kitty show. And it will be different things:

it conveys lớn her a precious ring from which the cát jumps in delight, then gives her exquisitely packaged watermelon, why beauty into lớn a rage.

Look: what happens if you cliông chồng on the inhỏ of a flower in a pot? You can also play a joke on cats in love, call up if a tornavì or lightning. How seals react to lớn sudden rising hurricane?

find a new frikết thúc, playing the game Talking Tom Cat

To a talking cát on your computer, mix, you need lớn activate the microphone. Before the game, the program usually asks whether khổng lồ allow access to lớn the device, và you have sầu to lớn answer in the affirmative sầu, but otherwise the mèo just will not hear from you and, accordingly, there will be nothing khổng lồ say. Games Talking Tom mèo miễn phí even allowed khổng lồ become a tiệc nhỏ lớn the broadcast. Here, Tom, along with a dog act as lead, but instead concerted work they turned violent rivalry – clicking on different buttons, you will see how they throw themselves at each other with various objects, và sometimes even fight. Heroes of the game will persize an action, even if just to lớn clichồng on their figures. In this version of the game about a mèo Tom can see his face in the game space – monitor on a desk in the studio shows that the camera takes your computer. Play online Talking Tom mèo can be, having moved into lớn his virtual house. Here it is again waiting for you khổng lồ tell hyên ổn khổng lồ then repeat your phrase. A dog him in every possible way interferes. It can sneak up from behind, so that the mèo jumped with fright at the lamp, or hit Tom with a pillow. To activate this hooliganism, PUSH buttons & see what happens. Top game Talking Tom cat online are available in this section of our site.

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