By now, và “now” meaning two-digit entries & billions in sales later,Grand Theft Autocan “address” any subject it wants to lớn & emerges unscathed. Mostly. The uproar comes to the DMA Design-to-RockstarGames franchise when it applies its button-pushing và edge-of-good-taste strokes onto lớn communities rather than brands or iđơn hàng, such as women (throughout) or those of Haitian heritage (inVice City). The company had addressed both by way of a phản hồi for the former, folded into theThành Phố New York Times’ đánh giá ofV, & a statement for the latter, someapologetic paragraphslớn gaming publications after feeling the heat from Haitian-Americans.

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ForSan Andreas,GTAeyed Vietnam, making the country the roots of three gangs in its San Francisteo parody San Fierro: Butterfly Children, Shining Razors, and Da Nang Boys. Although they are audibly mentioned by The Truth (Peter Fonda), only the third group is visible in the game world & interacts with CJ (YoungMaylay) in main missions, namely those from WuZiMu (JamesYageashi) andJizzyB (Charlie Murphy).

Vietnamese committing gangl& massacring, trafficking, drug-dealing, và kidnapping on U.S. soil, even if in digital form? The community practically hadomain authority case khổng lồ tệp tin againstRockstarfor the negative sầu portrayal here, as Haitian-American groups had done.

But nothing happened—then or since.


Next up…

That’s all, folks, for the presence of Vietnam inGTA. Only so far, of course, because a particular charm of the series is its affinity to bring things back—when you least expect it to lớn.

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As a result, it gives me hope that Vietnam will make a return, possibly in a more wholesome or at the least refreshed size. Yes, it will be futile khổng lồ add in “sensible”—this isGTA. Yes, in an official và from-the-devscapathành phố, so far the praiseworthy showcases of Vietphái mạnh aretraceable to localmodders, with works such as adriveableVinFastinVandomain authority fully localizedIII. San Andreas’ Da Nang Boys upended the dearth of Vietnamese presence in high-profile games, but it wasn’t a total success; either creative apathy or technical limitations affected our time in the series’chaotic, satirical spotlight. The initial specificity didn’t lead khổng lồ a substantial inclusion.IV, meanwhile, was an improvement, but gamedanhnhau.infoers must vì some digging to see it or—like me—stumble upon it.

I doubt the Definitive sầu Edition ofSan Andreaswill give sầu me a refined size of the most prominent Vietnamese element in the game. That requires deeper detailing, which is not the case here when all the upgrades boil down to improved graphics Well, since this damn train is too far khổng lồ follow now, let’s wait for the next one, as in the one after the forthcomingVI—or even after that, should the franchise decide to re-tackle theJapanese setting it had done some preliminary work on.

Whatever the case, it is with the hope thatRockstarGames willrealizeif you are to feature something, you vày so with oomph. With flair. I’m talking about more presence of the Vietnamese language, voice actors of Vietnamese descent, perhaps a Vietnamese side character. Needless to say, I eagerly await the moment my country reappears in one of the titans of gaming.