Nemesis Of The Roman Empire

Nemesis of the Roman Empire is a real time strategy game , that sets to life the ancient Punic war . A war between the Roman empire và the Carthaginian Empire .

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Nemesis of the Roman empire , takes place during the Punic Wars (264 khổng lồ 146 BC) , a war between the Carthaginian empire và the Roman Empire . Carthage at that era was at the top of its glory và it was the greakiểm tra power for its time . With great trade routes throughout the Mediterranean sea the Carthaginian people were literally swimming among muốn gold và also slaves poured this magnificent empire & that results to its might. Also Carthage had a great power of navy ,loyal soldiers và vast amounts of mercenaries that they ensure the safety of the empire to anyone that dared lớn threat .

Though at the same time the thành phố of Rome had begun lớn rise & very fast it was growing inlớn a very svào faction .

Their symbols were order và prosperity. They were ambitious và very focus on their goals. They were expert on siege và re-organizing their losses over battle.

The Romans soon decided that khổng lồ ensure a great economical power they had to khuyến mãi with their Carthaginian rivals and that resulted of the Punic war khổng lồ begin .



The Romans seeing the great power of Carthage , has resulted for the senate lớn take action.

They have sầu assembled an army and they were sent to Sicily under a false reason. That had as result for the 1st Punic war khổng lồ start .

The Carthaginians were not prepared for war & that resulted to leave sầu Sicily over the Romans . At the same time the empire of Carthage lost another two major islands , that of Corsica & Sardinia.

However Carthage wasn"t going to lớn leave sầu their dominant over the Mediterranean just like that and they have focused over the Spanish peninsula . Though the Romans have predicted this & a territory grabbing " has begun resulting the 2nd Punic war . Rome at this time has already conquered Europe and claimed victory once more .

The Roman victory has forced the remaining Carthaginian army to flee away from the Hispanic continent và assemble over their African capital. This have not calmed the Romans and lớn avoid the Carthaginians khổng lồ assemble a fresh army , the senate has order all the legions lớn attaông xã Africa and crush their rivals once và for all!


For many decades of years the great thành phố of Carthage was the most powerful in the known world ! Its empire was far greater that anyone would imagine. But that was soon to change.

After the defeat và loss of their three major islands from the 1st Punic war from their rival roman army , their choice of recovering & regaining territories , turned over the Hispanic peninsula.

Their powerful fleet mix sail over Spain to clayên ổn it under Carthaginian control and they have sầu succeed & this let the empire of Carthage khổng lồ rise once more to lớn its former splendor.

Though their ambition for conquest và victory over the Roman , has led their greademo general lớn lead their army & hit the heart of Rome . So after a difficult journey over the Alps & after some major battle , Hannibal found hlặng self và his army facing the đô thị of Rome. An sự kiện that would change history forever.


The Gauls are only playable in the online option .

They are hardly controllable crowed but very strong và brave warriors. Their weapons lachồng the unique of their Roman rivals and the don"t have sầu military knowledge but they have sầu something very important , they have love sầu for their country and spirit. They are enthusiastic and they have many stealthy abilities và alongside with the Druids makes them dangerous foes.


The Iberians are not playable on the chiến dịch like the gauls.

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They are brave sầu and independent people. Yet the Iberians were peacefully faction focused on farming . War almost never came khổng lồ their lvà so they laông chồng military education .


The game offers large maps with lots of neutral settlements and camps that threats all the factions and players .

Also the player can control heroes that commands its armies ( up to 50) on their own , providing additional bonus khổng lồ the army .

The player can also persize "rituals" of ancient Gods that effect the world.

All settlements own their own resources that can be transport elsewhere or spkết thúc locally .

Naval units that can battle transport ships that are heading over your lvà , or to transport your own units over your foe.

Some army units Have the ability lớn capture resource caravans that routing from one place lớn another , or outposts or even capture the entire settlement or city .

Nemesis of the Roman Empire offers upgrades to lớn the game lớn boost the might or economy of your faction .

Also the player can find relics or artifacts that gives bonus lớn the settlement or army ..

For the single player option you can integrate a character & create major battles .

Also in the single player campaign you can play as Hannibal Barca crossing the Alps to lớn reach Rome its self .

Also you can play the development of S.P.Q.R which is the very foundation of the Roman republic during the Punic wars .

For the multilayer option you can choose four factions : The Romans ,Gauls , Carthaginians & Iberians .

Each faction with chất lượng units and buildings .

Lan options can add up lớn 8 players at the same game. You can randomize your maps before playing or you can choose an in-game scenario or even create one .